Birthlink’s overall management is appropriate to the organisation’s needs as a result of an active Board of Directors and a dedicated Director responsible for overseeing finances. It has a robust system of financial control and monitoring, manages its funds effectively and has systems to attract funding to support its work.  It has its accounts externally Audited. A sub-group of the Board is responsible for identifying grant application possibilities and is supported by a consultant who ensures that central government and local authority grant opportunities and applications are pursued. The resource and information management is overseen by the Board.  Birthlink reviews its processes, policies and procedures in light of emerging regulatory requirements and legislation, including Health and Safety, and amends its policies to suit.   It takes advice from Peninsula Business Services on HR & H & S. There is appropriate and adequate insurance in place. Birthlink takes, learns from and acts on feedback.   There are regular meetings where issues are identified, actions set and taken.  The Board and the Staff have the necessary time and experience to fulfil their obligations.


Birthlink operates under the regulation of OSCR, Care Inspectorate which regulates the Adoption Agency service provided, Birthlink complies with the requirements of Disclosure Scotland, Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and is overseen by its Governing Body, the Board of Directors.

Board Staff Chart