Our Patron

Irvine Welsh agreed to  become our Patron prior to celebrating our Centenary so it was with great pleasure that we made this announcement on the evening of our celebrations on the 19th November 2011. He donated several signed copies of his most popular books which enabled us to raise even more funds for Birthlink.  Whilst he now lives overseas we know he does return to his roots in Edinburgh, sometimes to follow his local football team. 2013 was a great year for Irvine with the release of new books, movies and various book tours. In Irvine’s words:

“Birthlink is an organisation which brings people together, when often cruel circumstance has parted them. Ultimately, all we have in life is each other, so I’m proud and honoured to be a patron of this wonderful charity.”


Irvine Welsh with Birthlink team 4 c Alan McCredie                                         Photo supplied by Alan McCredie.

Some of the staff with Irvine, our Patron,  at his recent Q & A event at the Usher Hall on April 10th promoting his new book. A good time was had by all.

20/1/17 All the best to Irvine seeing his hard work come to fruition, on the big screen, at the Premier of Trainspotting 2.