Adoption Contact Register for Scotland

The Adoption Contact Register for Scotland is a confidential computerised database. The purpose of the Register is to put adopted people and their birth parents, or other birth relatives, in touch with each other when both parties want this to happen.

Why does the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland exist?

We are all naturally curious about our origins, and knowing who we are has an added importance for adopted people. Research shows that this need to know can be a natural desire irrespective of life experiences. Birth parents, of children given up for adoption, often feel a strong need to know that their children are safe and well. Other birth relatives may have similar concerns. By providing advice, information and practical services the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland can help satisfy these needs in a sensitive and confidential way.

How does it work?

The information supplied on a completed registration form is entered onto the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland which is a computerised database registered under the Data Protection Act 1984. A check is then carried out against the information supplied by all other registrations that have been registered onto the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland.

What happens after registration?

After returning the completed form to Birthlink the information given will be entered onto the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland. It will be cross-referenced against all existing entries on the register and also against future registrations as they come in.

If this proves successful and there is a match with someone connected to you who is also registered1 , a member of Birthlink staff can then act as a go-between to arrange a meeting or to exchange news. If you want to pause or call a halt to the process at any time the decision is yours.

It is important you keep us informed of any changes to you contact details, such as your name or address. This will help us if we need to contact you in the future.

1 Please note that when a match occurs you will be asked for a contribution towards the costs of mediation and support.

Why register?

Who can register?

* Adopted adults (over the age of 16 in Scotland) who are seeking to obtain their original birth certificates should make direct contact either by letter, email or in person with the following address;

The Adoption Unit
H.M. New Register House

Original birth certificate and adoption certificate

An appointment is not always necessary but it can reduce the waiting time if you make an appointment in advance. You will be asked to provide proof of your identity in your current name, such as the adoption certificate, driving license or health card. If you are a married woman you will be required to provide a copy of your marriage certificate. You will then be entitled to;

How much does it cost?

We ask people who register on the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland to pay a fee of 20.00. This payment makes a small contribution towards the costs involved in maintaining this service. There is a fund available for those people who are in receipt of benefits and others who are unable to make payment in full. Please ask for more information.

Payment methods from outside the United Kingdom

If you are contacting us from anywhere other than the UK you can either, call the office with your credit card details or arrange with your Bank for a Bankers Draft in Sterling.

Want to register now?

You can download an ACR registration form here.

Please complete the form and post enclosing identifying documents, relevant fee and SAE to Birthlink, 21 Castle Street, Edinburgh EH2 3DN. You will receive an acknowledgement within fourteen days.