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Dave’s story

Despite having had wonderful adoptive parents who had explained to me about my adoption, at a point in my later life I realised no woman would put her baby up for adoption unless she in some way or another was in extremely difficult circumstances. Through research I learned my birth mother had no relatives she knew about as she too was also an adopted child. Therefor I have reason to believe my birth mother made a painful but wise decision for both herself and myself by putting me up for adoption – undoubtedly with horrific pain in her heart. Thus, as a mother she must have had to carry a painful dark secret all her life; being a single mother in those days was classified as sinful – a very sad state of affairs.

Who knows, perhaps she and/or my birth father may both have wanted to know how their son was getting on in his life, or even want to see him. Based on this realisation I started my twenty year search to find out who my birth parents are and if they were still alive. Two of Birthlink’s workers, through considerable dedicated research enabled me to come in contact with relatives on my birth mother’s side in Scotland, and sisters and a brother on my birth father’s side now living in Australia. Further to this, I have found the resting place of my respective birth parents enabling me to finally “give this a place” and at the same time close what proved to have been a somewhat daunting twenty year chapter in my life.

Tracing blood relatives can be like a rollercoaster with excitement and at times painful disappointments that hurt. My advice to those who are interested in tracing their birth family is be patient, expect disappointments and rejection from a few as you progress but whatever you do don’t let them deter you in achieving your objective. Most of all, maintain your faith as Birthlink’s great team is are there to support and guide you.

Thank you again to the staff; I now have blood sisters who have welcomed me into their family as being one of them. Alas we lost 60+ years of not being together, so there’s plenty to blether about…