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Eve & Nick’s story

Nick was adopted and he first got in touch with Birthlink in 2008. He registered on the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland but at the time there was no matching registration from a member of his birth family. It was noted that the agency involved in his adoption was the Guild of Service, which was the former name for Birthlink. With the support of a worker he accessed these records and found out a little bit about his birth mother and the circumstances around his adoption but left things there. Over ten years passed but Nick didn’t forget about his search for his birth mother who he knew was called Eve.

In early 2019 Eve was with friends on holiday when she was contacted by someone who had found a post online made by Nick long ago looking for her. Shocked and surprised Eve looked into how to go about finding Nick. She found Birthlink and registered on the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland and because Nick had registered ten years earlier there was a link.

We contacted Eve who was not so surprised to hear about the link given she knew Nick was looking but still very happy to hear that they could now be in touch.  Although Eve lived in England and Nick in Scotland, they were hoping to meet up and with the support of their worker they arranged to meet at the Birthlink office. This provided them with a neutral location to meet for the first time and meant that the worker was there to introduce them and support them if they needed.

Since then, Eve and Nick have met more than once and Eve has also brought her daughter to meet him. They video call each other every week and are now planning a holiday together with his partner and her friends.