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Hamish’s Story

“I hold Birthlink in the very highest regard. I was hugely impressed by the caring, sensitive and positive way in which my case was addressed and looked after. It was highly re-assuring to know that I was in the hands of such a brilliant organisation.”

Hamish came to Birthlink searching for his birth father. At six days old he had been adopted, and whilst he held information on his birth mother, who had sadly passed away in 1996, he knew very little of his father.

Looking for help and answers, Hamish came to Birthlink in 2014 who initiated a search for Hamish’s father. Good information had been recorded on Hamish’s mother, yet the identity of his father was vague at best — his mother had only made a couple of references to a certain man, John, in some of her GP and nursing notes. Birthlink ran this against electoral records for the area of birth and turned up several promising results, but no definite matches. By cross referencing birth certificates and marriage certificates, the searchers discovered at a certain John M had actually been born John B despite going by John M his whole life, providing a direct link to Hamish. But there unfortunately the trail ran cold as John had died some years earlier, yet there was a match for half-sister still residing at John’s address.

The search had taken four months, and Hamish, upon receiving the information on his father and half sister, decided not to take it any further. He was glad to have closure on the identity of his father, and be able to view some important medical records, but felt he was happy to leave things as they were with regards to his half sister.