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Helen & Kathleen’s Story

Helen had previously been linked with her maternal half sister, Kathleen back in 2008 and although Helen lives in Canada she and Kathleen’s family have met on a number of occasions and enjoy a great relationship.

Helen was born in 1942 and had also always known her birth father was named Tom; he had been in the Royal Navy and had met her birthmother Pearl whilst based in Fife. Tom has admitted paternity and was also named in her Court Papers.

As he was English we originally conducted our search there but with little information and no date of birth to go on we did not have a great deal of success; fortunately Kathleen’s husband Mike was also keen to help and after tirelessly trawling through records and Naval websites managed to obtain records which gave an accurate date of birth for Tom.

Further searching then began and we were able to find Tom’s marriage along with the birth of a daughter, Alice who was 8 years older than Helen. Tom had died in 1981 and Alice had been the informant on his death certificate but unfortunately was no longer listed at the address given. We could not locate anyone of that name in the UK, so further English searching produced a 2nd marriage for Alice and with that we found a current address.

A letter was then sent to Alice inviting her to call us and she responded almost immediately, after confirming she was indeed the woman we were looking for we were able to explain in more detail the reason for our contact and she excitedly explained that she had always had an inkling that there had been another baby; “I am 82 years old and I have a younger sister, how wonderful!!”

Helen was equally as excited and they were able to start exchanging letters and photographs with Alice sharing stories of her dad and his life.

Helen’s story had come full circle and both sides of the family all remain in touch