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Simon’s Story

Simon first got in touch with Birthlink back in 1999 in his mid-twenties when he registered on the Adoption Contact Register as an adopted person.  There was no match and next time Simon was in touch was to let us know that he had changed his address in 2002.

Wind the clock forwards to February 2016 and a registration was made by a birth relative on behalf of Simon’s birth mother Jennifer and a match was made.

However, in the intervening years Simon had moved again and omitted to let us know so a search of public records was undertaken and we found that Simon had moved back to the north of Scotland. A letter was sent to Simon to inform him of this latest development and an exchange of letters/cards and photographs began via Birthlink.

Jennifer had gone on to marry Simon’s birth father and Simon had several full siblings waiting in the wings to welcome him. Everyone decided they needed to take their time in slowly getting to know each other which took place over the following months.

Later in the year Jennifer and Simon made arrangements to meet in Edinburgh and were able to go together back to Simon’s birthplace. Although the actual hospital was no longer there and only the hospital gates remain, both Simon and Jennifer found this journey meaningful and rewarding whilst they look forward to the possibilities a shared future can bring to both of their families.

Both Scott and Jennifer are mindful of the need for respect and compassion in these circumstances and were keen for contact to work out long-term. Jennifer speaks of a great weight having been lifted in her life and of how much things have changed for the better.  Simon speaks of how it means so much for him to have found his birth mother after all these years.