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Tony’s Story

Tony lives in the USA and first got in touch with Birthlink in the autumn of 2016 to make enquiries about his mother’s family.

Tony said that before his Mum had passed away she told him about growing up in foster care in the Scottish Highland in the 1940’s.  She had been born in Glasgow in 1932 and said that she remembered as a young child that her mother had a baby boy and she thought this baby had gone to a family in Canada.

A search of public records discovered that Tony’s maternal grandmother had given birth to four children;  Tony’s  Mum and three younger boys and that none of the children had been adopted.  The search was then extended to see if any of Tony’s uncles had married, had children or had subsequently died.  A marriage was soon found for Tony’s uncle Geoff. Sadly we also discovered that uncle Geoff was now deceased and had never had any children.    Another of Tony’s uncles had died as a child.

However, Tony’s third uncle, Dan the youngest of the siblings, was still living in the Highlands when Tony was able to have contact with him and also his birth cousins.   In piecing their stories together it seems that all three surviving children had been fostered and were unaware of each other.

Tony was delighted to finally know something of his Scottish heritage and bring closure on the issue of his Mum’s missing brothers.   He and his new found Scottish relatives are now able to keep in touch with each other.