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Willow & Tom’s story

Willow first contacted Birthlink in 1992, to join the Register. She was looking for her son, Tom, who was adopted in 1973 in Aberdeenshire, when Willow was just 17. At that time Tom had not joined the register or made any enquiries about his birth mother, so Willow and her family waited. New people join the Register each week, but as time progressed Willow wondered if she would ever get the answers she was looking for.

In March 2015 Birthlink contacted Willow to offer her help to actively search for more information about her son and, family behind her, the search began. Four months later an address for Tom was found, very close to where Willow herself lived, and the process of contact and mediation began.

Close to his adoptive parents, Tom had never felt the need to go looking for his birth mother, but was happy to hear through Birthlink that she wanted to make contact. They exchanged letters and photographs of themselves and their families, and Willow was very glad to know how happy her son was, and too learn he had loving parents, 3 siblings and a wife of his own.

In January of 2016, Willow and Tom met for the first time, over coffee at a local garden centre they shared, and formed an instant friendship. Both Tom’s sisters and his adoptive mother are now planning to get together with Willow in the future, and Willow’s children are also looking forward to meeting Tom , and the cousins they never knew they had.