Words of appreciation

‘Thoroughly professional, understanding, empathetic and very, very resourceful’

‘I was more than happy with the overall service I received and I would like to tell you that I now have a photograph of my birth mother holding me as a very young baby- you cannot get any better than that!!’

‘Full of praise- I never thought it would take the length of time it did but that is down to me. Even when I gave up hope earlier this year Birthlink kept going’

‘Very helpful and understanding regarding difficulties within our family’

‘I would just like to express my thanks for everything over the past 19/20 months, not only with the Search and attempted contact with my brother, but for everything else’

‘I cannot praise Birthlink too highly and am most grateful for the assistance and services provided’

‘A very friendly and understanding organisation’

‘The effort that has been put in has left me overwhelmed. Fantastic- comes to mind’

‘My worker and entire team at Birthlink are marvellous and I can’t thank them enough’

‘Birthlink is doing an excellent service’