After Adoption Advice

Birthlinks After Adoption Information Line (AAIL) is an easily accessible point of contact for all those seeking information and advice relating to adoption issues that affect adults.

We are here to help;

  • Adopted adults
  • Birth parents and birth relatives of adopted people
  • Adoptive parents and relatives
  • Professionals engaged in after adoption work

Experienced and qualified staff provide helpful guidance and up-to-the-minute information on a range of topics such as:

“How do I get a copy of my original birth certificate?”

“I dont know where I was adopted, where can I see my papers?”

“I’ve just found out Im adopted, can I speak to someone?”

“I’ve just met my mother and I need to talk things over”

“I gave up my son for adoption in 1963, can I find him now?”

“I’ve heard there is a list where you can leave your name, who runs this?”

“My sister was adopted out, what can I do to find her?”

“Is there a support group for birth parents near me?”

“I am working with an adopted adult, how can I trace their records?”


 The After Adoption Information Line is funded by the following authorities:

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