Care Connect Service – Helping adults connect with their past

Care Connect helps adults who have been in care to find information about their past or trace estranged family members.

The City of Edinburgh Council currently funds us to provide this service to adults who have been in the care of the City of Edinburgh Council. 

The service is available to all adults who have been in care and have been out of local authority care for more than five years (help is available directly from the care record-holder for those people who have been out of care for less than five years).

Adults who have been in care can have similar needs to people who were adopted, perhaps with issues of identity or looking for more information about their families of origin.

Care Connect will:

• arrange access to records held by the City of Edinburgh Council
• share the details of resulting information and offer help in making sense of this
• help in tracing and contacting family members and act as a go-between if the wish for contact is two-way

For more information please read the Care Connect Leaflet

Contact the City of Edinburgh Council Access to Care Records

In our service users words,

‘I welcomed the level of interest and concern at a personal level for which I thank you’

‘From very first phone call, thought here are people who want to help’

‘Really helpful, straight forward’

‘Better than expected, quick response- got all the info wanted/expected’


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