Intermediary Service

A guide to our Intermediary services

Are you the birth parent or birth relative (e.g. brother or sister) of an adult who was adopted in Scotland?

If so, we may be able to offer you our intermediary service that will contract with, on your behalf, the adoption agency that holds the records of your adopted relative. We will locate the record-holder concerned and seek identifying information that will allow us to search and if possible make contact with the adopted person and let them know your wishes. No details of the adopted person will be released without their permission and any decisions as to possible contact will remain with the adopted adult. You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

This service also applies to birth parents and other birth relatives where the child was adopted via our agency in the past, i.e. Guild of Service; Family Care and also religiously-based organisations and other non-statutory agencies.

If we are in a position to offer you an active Search service we will request a Search fee of £120.00.

Are you an adoption record holder?

Do you wish to develop your after adoption skills? If so, we offer an intermediary service for birth parents and other birth relatives seeking contact with an adult – adopted – relative. This consists of a Non-Disclosure Agreement entered into with your agency which provides us with identifying details that allows us to search for an adopted person. Once a search is successful, either our social workers or yours, if you wish, will contact the adopted person and ask them if they wish contact with the birthparent or other relative to proceed, offering mediation throughout this process.

This is a confidential service. No identifying information is shared with the birth parent or relative without the adopted persons agreement.