Scottish Adoption Registry

The Scottish Adoption Registry (SAR) is an index of adoption records in Scotland.

Established by Birthlink in 1984, it is a database that holds information on the location of adoption records that are held by Scottish local authorities and other approved adoption agencies. The aim is to have a single contact point  where professionals can access basic information relating to adoptions that have taken place in Scotland.

 The SAR makes it possible for anyone anywhere in the world on the provision of the birth name and the date of birth of an adopted person to quickly find out if an adoption agency was involved and if so which agency currently holds the records relating to that adoption.

The information held on the SAR consists of:

— The birth name of the child.

— Their date of birth.

— Where the adoption papers are held.

— Council or agency reference.

It is virtually impossible for anyone other than the adopted adult to know where adoption records are held. Often accurate information can only be gained by a laborious process of ringing round individual agencies and ex-record holders. For busy professionals working on behalf of adopted people—who often have only partial information relating to their adoption-this can be frustrating and time consuming.

Feedback from the local authorities that already participate indicates the value of having such basic information held centrally.

The SAR is not as comprehensive as it could be and Birthlink calls upon those Scottish local authorities and other record-holders that do not yet participate to do so.

Currently, the SAR is run in partnership with the following authorities:

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