Search Service

The Birthlink Search Services

The purpose of the search service offered by Birthlink is to trace a birth relative. Birthlink has a group of experienced and trained volunteers who will conduct a search on your behalf. This search and any resulting information is coordinated by a member of the Birthlink staff. Birthlink’s access to and use of new technology further enhances this work eg. knowledge of appropriate Internet sites can assist in locating people. Birthlink also uses constantly updated database software.

It is important that you provide as much information as possible about the person or family that you wish Birthlink to trace.

A member of the Birthlink staff will contact you as soon as the search is completed, giving you any information that has been obtained. However you will appreciate that a search of this kind can take a great deal of time and sometimes a further search may be required. In some cases searches may be inconclusive. If the family has left Scotland, Birthlink staff can suggest who might be able to provide additional help.

Birthlink requests a minimum charge of £120.00 towards the costs of its search service. The payment includes the entrance fee to New Register House and a contribution towards the cost of funding this service. Payment by instalment may be arranged and people in receipt of benefits may wish to call up and discuss the possibility of a reduced rate.

When you have the information you may decide:

* To do nothing at the moment (thinking time)
* To make your own contact (perhaps by letter)
* To make your own contact through a friend or relative.
* To contact a social worker/counsellor to request a go-between service, This may be through an adoption counselling centre like Birthlink, another Adoption Agency or your local authority social work department

Searching services – England and Wales

Our search service has now been expanded to cover locating people south of the border.

We have trained up our team of searchers in the ins and outs of the English and Welsh indexed records and we have the latest people-finder software. This means that we can trace someone who was born or married (or died) in England and Wales . The one drawback is that the registration systems in these countries differ in that they are more limited than the system in Scotland . English and Welsh indices give only the bare details of a registered event and in order to see the full details, the actual certificate has to be purchased.

We offer a ‘start up’ English Search for our standard search fee of £120.00 with the proviso that there is no way of knowing how much of this will be spent on the index search before any relevant entries may be found and ordered. However, full discussions take place with the service user prior to ordering certificates.

Further monies may therefore need to be requested in connection with the purchase of actual certificates.

Adopted and fostered people searching for their origins often require at some stage, to look at the records of Births, Marriages and Deaths which are held at National Records of Scotland, New Register House, Edinburgh, EH1 3YT Tel: 0131 314 4300

Any member of the public can go along and conduct a search. The Public Room is open 9.00 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.  This must be booked in advance through Scotland’s People with a seat fee of £15 payable in advance.

If you are unable to go yourself, Birthlink can arrange a search of the records at your request.