Thrift Shops

Birthlink are proud to run two of the oldest thrift shops in Scotland. We sell absolutely everything and anything under the sun, from books, clothes and small electrical items, to furniture, bric a brac and even artwork. Please don’t hesitate to come and have bargain hunt.

Do you have any spare time? We are looking for Volunteers to help in our Thrift shops, even if it was only an hour, every minute helps. Just pop into one of the shops, call 0131 225 6441 for an application form or send a message via our website and our staff will be happy to assist.

Other ways to support us?

You can also support us by making a donation


Shop 60th birthday pic


Best group



Lost Edinburgh photo debbie and ronnie

It’s our Birthday and we’ll dress up if we want to! More pictures to follow !!

Our charity shop is celebrating it’s 60th birthday on the 28th of September, stamping its place as the oldest charity shop in Scotland.

We’ll be using this opportunity to raise the profile of Birthlink, and spread the word of our amazing charity shops.

Our Challenge is to get 25 new likes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter,

28/9/17 Challenge achieved!! We more than doubled our likes and raised more than expected so many thanks from all the staff.

 Thrift shop 1 complete
6 Bruntsfield Place,Edinburgh,EH10 4HN0131 229 4646Monday – Saturday9.30- 5pm
Thrift shop 2 completed
26 Lochrin Buildings,Edinburgh,EH3 9NB0131 229 6939Monday- Saturday9.30- 5pm