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Peter’s visit to mother’s grave leads way to Eddie- Aberdeen Press & Journal, November 2014

Cheryl Livingstone takes a look at the lives of families separated by adoption, who have been reunited thanks to the efforts of a Scottish charity.

Unlike many adopted children, Peter Burnett knew a lot about his background.

Born in Turriff, he was brought up by his birth grandparents, Alexander and Sophie Craigen, until he was 12-years-old.

He knew his mother’s name, Jean Stronach, that she worked in Portsoy and even met her once or twice before moving to a children’s home in Aboyne and later being adopted by Stanley and Dorothy Burnett.

But as he grew older, he decided to find out more.

Now 70 and living in Bucksburn with wife, Hazel, he found his first clue on a trip to Portsoy.

The couple were wondering around when they saw a gravestone in a cemetery with his mother’s name on it.

By the time they went back to visit with some flowers, another name, Agnes, had appeared on the gravestone.

The couple would soon discover she was Mr Burnett’s sister.

They gave the information to Birthlink and in return received a full family history, which led to them being put in touch with his nephew, Eddie Coutts, who lives in Inverurie.

Mr Burnett said: “We wrote to Eddie and he phoned us back and that’s how we met up again. That was about two years ago.

“Birthlink has been first class. They give you all the information you want and are there if you want to just phone them at any time.”