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Professional Training

On 8th March, we successfully delivered a training day to 11 colleagues based with Fife Council. The focus for the day was outlining Birthlink services and the support we provide.  The important role of the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland was highlighted and we even shared that we ring a bell to celebrate every link!

The day was interactive, with lively discussions and sharing of practice. It was great in terms of developing a shared understanding of our role and the skills, knowledge and experience we have in managing the challenges involved in supporting adults affected by adoption. Group discussions, audio podcast (very powerful words from a birth mother) and case studies helped to bring the work to life.

Feedback was very positive: “thought provoking and inspiring…” When asked what participants would take away from the day: “giving more thought to birth families across the adoption journey”, “thinking about families as a whole and the ripple effect”, “the wider impact of adoption, better support for birth parents” and “the impact of adoption in later life”.