Words of appreciation

‘Thanks for a fantastic service, the results of our enquiry were laid out in a way we could understand, very clear and concise. Our worker had a lovely manner, follow up calls with other staff members was amazing too. A phenomenal, professional, caring service’

‘I thought the service was caring, my worker had time for me, was non judgemental. You do excellent work & I am very grateful’

‘This has helped pull a lot of loose strands into place and given me a better overall picture into what has happened in my life and a better understanding of myself’

‘A massive thank you firstly in all that you do, it is amazing. After many, many years my son and I have found each other, its been a whirlwind of emotions but glad to say very happy ones’

‘Quick and easy to register on the adoption contact register ‘

‘You have been fantastic support through this whole process. I’ts been great to have someone so understanding of the range of emotions that have crept up on me, thank you’

‘A small well organised service who appreciates the sensitivities and emotions of adoption. I think I would have benefited from counselling albeit my worker did very well’

‘Initial contact with a birth parent can be a difficult decision to make but Birthlink took all the worry away be being the contact between the two parties, it made the process so much easier’