Court process service

You have the right to see the legal documents that were lodged in the Court at the time of adoption. These legal papers are known as the Court Process.

They are held in the Sheriff Court which granted your adoption order, the name of which can be found on your full adoption certificate. After a certain period (this varies from Court to Court), courts send these records to be archived centrally at the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh (NRS) . A letter or phone call to the Sheriff Clerk of the Court will enable you to find out the location of your Court Process papers and you can make arrangements to read them. Birthlink staff can help you identify their current whereabouts and suggest how you may access the papers.

In the event of your Court Process papers being held in Edinburgh and you are unable to attend in person,  you can instruct one of Birthlink’s Social Workers to visit the NRS in order to read and photocopy the Court Process papers on your behalf. This will then be sent to you via ‘signed for’ mail.

Should you wish us to act on your behalf in this respect we request a payment of £45.00, completed request form, together with a letter of authority signed by you and your NRS reference number if available.  Please also send copies of both your original birth certificate and your full adoption certificate.

Alternatively a person authorised,  by the adopted person,  can visit the NRS and  access this information on their behalf. A written copy of the authorisation must be given to NRS. By law, NRS staff cannot inspect a process on behalf of an adopted person.