Mediation Services

You may have used the Birthlink Search Service to obtain an up-to-date address for a birth parent or other birth relative. Alternatively you may have undertaken your own search. Many people feel very vulnerable when contemplating an approach to the person sought; the possibility of saying the wrong thing, being overcome with the emotion of the occasion or being faced with an outright rejection. The use of a third party as a go-between at this stage gives everyone a better chance of a successful contact and can ensure that the many emotions that come into play at this time can be shared with the other person in a helpful way.

“Your hand-holding service during our reunion was worth it! Having a middleman smoothed the path.”

Birthlink can facilitate an exchange of letters and photographs until the people involved feel ready to proceed. We will be on hand to offer further helpful advice about how to move step by step towards any direct contact.

“I am writing to say that I appreciate you being there for me throughout what was an emotional roller coaster of an experience. If I had done what my heart had told me to do and turned up out of the blue, then I dread to think how things may have turned out. Instead words cannot describe how pleased I am that you helped me ‘pace’ things.”

Birthlink has helped many adopted people and their birth relatives to establish contact. Birthlink staff draw on years of experience in facilitating contact between people separated by adoption. Be assured that we are aware of the sensitive and delicate nature of this stage of your search and we will consult with you before taking any action.

Birthlink requests a payment of £60.00 as a contribution towards the costs of making this service available. People who are in receipt of government benefits can make a lesser payment towards the costs by agreement.
We can also assist in making extra facilities available for use by people with additional needs.

Birthlink staff will get in touch with you prior to taking any action.

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